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Me-too and Smooch

Me-too and Smooch came into this world on June 5, 1999; there were four "womb-mates" in the litter of Ruddy Abyssinians, three males and one female. They would fill the empty place in our hearts that was left by our first "Aby," Rajah, who had passed away earlier that Spring. Rajah (
shown at right) had been with us for just short of 18-years, quite long for the breed.

What to name our new little kitties was settled before they were brought home; one would be called Scratch, and the other escapes me. Somehow, their personalities didn't go with the new names so they didn't last very long. One little kitten--the braver of the two--was a little "kisser," which begged for a more appropriate name. He became Smooch. The other, less brazen than the first, was always just behind Smooch, copying his brother's each and every action and wanting everything Smooch had as well, almost as if to say, "me, too," The answer was obvious, he should be called Me-too. Eventually, Me-too became quite the little kisser in his own right.
[to see Me-too being affectionate, click here]

Even 'though they were the youngest (and thus the smallest) of the cats, it wasn't long before they took over—that is, except for Pitchy-patch, the petite but feisty little tortoiseshell who
really ruled the roost.

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Me-too: June 5, 1999—January 2, 2016

Me-too passed away January 2, 2016—To read my tribute to Me-too,
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