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Bubba's Story—i
s a tribute to easygoing and friendly Bubba, the last of the line of Mama-Cat's kittens

Cat Tails—
are stories about Gus, Rajah and others

an ordinary-looking female striped tabby who came around for a handout and stayed to produce a long line of kittens

Me-too and Smooch—
a pair of male Abyssinian cats, the loves of my life

Imaginary Friends—
a group of whimsical photos of kitties and their imaginary friends.

Favorite Photos—
a gallery of personal favorite feline photos .

Kindred Spirits—
a photo gallery of best-buddy , kindred spirit felines

Neko & Rani—
a group of photo albums of a brother and sister pair of Abyssinians

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Photo album of a variety of some animals found on our property

Photo album of birds taken here in our backyard

Photo album of butterflies and moths, all taken here on our property

Photo album of flowers from our garden

Photo album taken here on our property

Pond Life—
Photo album of life on the ponds on our property

Sphagnum Bog—
Photo album of plants in a small, man-made sphagnum bog on our property

Spring Bulbs and Flowers
—Photo album of flowers that greet the Spring

Photo album of trees on our property

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Warmth-loving monopodial orchids of Africa and Southern Asia —species, hybrids and Intergenerics

The Angraecoid Alliance—
Orchids of Tropical Africa, especially Madagascar, and islands of the Indian Ocean

The Cattleya Alliance—
Orchids native to South and Central America—the Species

The Cattleya Alliance—
Orchids native to South and Central America—their hybrids

The Dendrobiums—
Orchids primarily from Southern Asia

The Epidendrum Group—Genera from the Cattleya Tribe (Epidendrum, Encyclia, Prosthechea)

Miscellaneous Genera—
Various other orchids

The Odontoglossum - Oncidium Alliance—
Orchids native to tropical areas of the Americas

The moth orchids (part of the Aerides Alliance)

Terrestrial and Semi-terrestrial Orchids—
Orchids of the Old and New Worldss

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Books and ArticlesInside flap description of books written by Arnette Heidcamp, as well as full copies of her articles.

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The MoltSee photos depicting molt primarily of flight feathers on Rufous Hummingbird (tail and wing feathers)

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Photo Gallery of Hummingbird GuestsA gallery of photographs of birds that have been guests here, either short term or over the winter season.

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