The Molt
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Click on a thumbnail below to open up and view the larger, complete version that illustrates various stages of molt (then clicking upper righthand corner of photo, or the area outside of the photo, returns to this page).

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hum_sm A scruffy head and throat, and almost no "tail."
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hum_sm Note small tail feathers.
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hum_sm Feather replacement occurring over most of body.

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hum_sm Tail feathers at various lengths.
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hum_sm View from the underside.
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hum_sm Another view of tail replacement feathers growing out.

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hum_sm These tail feathers appear to be quite narrow.
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hum_sm Nice view of tail feathers.
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hum_sm Some brand new feathers.

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hum_sm The molt.
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hum_sm Good display.
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hum_sm Growing out at different lengths.

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hum_sm Lovely feathers.
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hum_sm View from below.