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Bubba's Story—

After 18-1/2 years, Bubba's time with us has come to an end; and it's the end of an era.
Over many years, a stray female brought us many litters . . .

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Mama-Cat and Her Descendants

An ordinary-looking striped tabby female paid us a visit…. undoubtedly looking for a handout. Of course we felt sorry for her and provided her with free dinners. . . . after all, you could easily see that was a nursing mother. . .

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Me-too and Smooch—

Me-too and Smooch came into this world on June 5, 1999; there were four "womb-mates" in the litter of Ruddy Abyssinians, three males and one female. They would fill the empty place in our hearts . . .

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Neko and Rani—

Neko and Rani are brother and sister. They entered this world on January 17, 2016, and came into our lives about ten weeks later. Neko, the brother is fawn colored and Rani, his sister is a typical Ruddy Abyssinian. These little darlings filled the empty place in our hearts left by Me-too . . .

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Cat Tails—

More cat stories: Gus, the bottle baby; Rajah, our first Abyssinian; and Minerva, a wonderful mother and always the lady . . .
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Kitty Photo Albums
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A list of the photo albums in this section of the website are shown on a separate page.
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Click the paw to watch Me-too being affectionate


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